Bridewealth Project


Newspaper and magazine articles

-Young Afghans are taking a stand against exorbitant bride prices, Los Angeles Times, August 26 2015

-Afghanistan's Bride Price: The Misnomer of The Mahr, The World Post, March 13 2013

Websites and blogs

-The Bride Price: The Afghan tradition of paying for wives, October 25 2016

-Walwar, History of Pashtuns


-Walwar, Interviews with Muhammad Umar, social worker and an employee of Aurat Foundatio and Qais Afridi, Poet, Writer, Khyber Agency, July 31 2012


Newspaper and magazine articles

-For Chinese Women, Marriages Depends on Right 'Bride Price', National Public Radio, April 23 2013

-The Price of Marriage in China, The New York Times, March 09 2013

-In a Richer China, Billionaires Put Money on Marriage, The New York Times, January 24 2006

-Shanghai Journal; It's a Lucky Day in May, and Here Comes the Brides, The New York Times, May 22 1996

Websites and blogs

-Chinese Marriage: Betrothal Gifts

-Bride Price: How Much to Give?

East Timor

Websites and blogs

-Women's Struggle to East Timor, Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust, March 05 2014

-New law aims to fight domestic violence, IRIN, May 12 2010

-U.N. Scrutinizes Women's Right in East Timor, Women E-News, September 22 2009



-Spear and Sword - Movie Preview

Websites and blogs

-The surprising benefits of bride price for women, CIFAR, November 11 2016

-In parts of the world, bride price encourages parents to educate daughters, The Conversation, October 5 2016

-'We can't be seen as cheap', Inside Indonesia, April-June 2011

-Bride and Prejudice: The Price of Education


Newspaper and magazine articles

-Romance and Patriarchy in the 21st Century: The "Bride Abductions" of Kazakhstan, The Upstream Journal, December 07 2015

-"Snatched Brides" Stunned, Overwhelmed in Kazakh Videos, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, June 11 2015

Websites and blogs

-The Rise of Non-Consensual Bride Kidnapping in Kazakhstan: Developing a Culturally-Informed and Gender-Sensitive Response, Wilson Center, July 7 2011

-Marriage and Wedding in Kazakhstan, Facts and Details

-Kazakhs - Marriage and Family, World Culture Encyclopedia


Newspaper and magazine articles

-Bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan: crime and tradition overlap, The Irish Times, December 7 2015

-Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, May 29 2014

-Wanderlust: Bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan, Public Radio International, October 12 2010

-Abduction, Often Violent, a Kyrgyz Wedding Rite, The New York Times, April 30 2005

Websites and blogs

-Traditional and modern: two Kyrgyz weddings, Pocket Cultures, August 3 2011

-Kyrgyz Bride Price Controversy, Institute for War and Peace Reporting, December 22 2005

-Marriage and Weddings in Kyrgyzstan, Facts and Details


-Tajik Islamic Party Official Accused Of Human Trafficking, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, May 27 2010


-Asking permission to marry a bride in Thailand, Northern Thailand, December 8 2012

-Cultural Aspects within Marriage, Bangkok Post, April 28 2005


-Uzbekistan: No Love Lost in Karakalpak Bride Thefts, Institute for War and Peace Reporting, February 21 2005