Anthropological literature has historically engaged with the practice and problematics of bridewealth through an economic perspective, debating primarily whether bridewealth or bride price items had to be considered as gifts or as commodities and the women in those exchanges as « persons of value in local kinship exchanges» or as « things with a price tag» (Jolly 2015 : 64). Although this approach has proven fundamental to the understanding of bridewealth around the world and although it has allowed the accumulation of a great deal of ethnographic data on the manifestations of this practice in various settings, we adopt a slightly different perspective in this project. We are indeed primarily concerned with the individuals' experiences and perspectives on bridewealth exchanges, the importance or relevance of this practice in their lives and the implications on this practice in today's world.

Over the course of several years, The Bridewealth Project has amassed a wide variety of texts concerning the practice of bridewealth in the world. These texts include books, articles, films, and legal documents. Full references to all of these texts, and in many cases summaries and notes concerning the texts, can be found in the the following file: Bridewealth Extended Bibliography